Welcome you to Falcon Building Materials Trading LLC!

Why Choose us

The company is commited to quality and needs of the end users. Our constant endeavour is to deliver the customer the best value added products procured from various palaces of the UAE.

The company has a large fleet of vehicles (6 trucks) for quicker delivery of goods. we have definded company standard in customer service for adoption of total service strategy which provides fice key elements viz timely stock, quick delievery, quality reliability and support. Our office hours 6am to 6pm, saterday to thusday. Dubai is GMT +4 throughout the year.

Our Skills

1. Relationship with the Customers - Keeping in touch, Follow up's
2. Product And Market Knowledge - Have up to date Products / Prices
3. Entrepreneurial and Innovation Skills - Ideas to Improve the
4. Flexibility, adaptability and Service - Customer Satisfaction